Vacation grant for vaccinated low-income retirees

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Untitled scheme 2021 07 23T130311.976 HOLIDAY GRANT, Cabinet, LOW PENSION

The Council of Ministers approved yesterday, July 22, the proposal of the Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance for the announcement of the Plan entitled "Grant Scheme for Low Retirement Holidays in Hotels of Mountain Resorts and the Tilliria Tower during the period September 2021 - December XNUMX" will be fully subsidized accommodation with full board for low-income retirees, for holidays in mountain resorts and the Tilliria Tower.

The Plan will operate for the period from 1/9/2021 to 22/12/2021 or until the relevant fund is exhausted and will cover a 4-day stay (3 nights) with full board, from Friday to Monday and from Tuesday to Friday. Beneficiaries of the Plan are:

(1) beneficiaries of the Low Income Retirement Aid Scheme (low-income retirees),

(2) low-income retirees who are entitled to the Minimum Guaranteed Income,

(3) retirees with an annual income of up to € 15.500 for single and,

(4) retirees with an annual income of up to € 20.000 for families as well as their dependents, as defined in the Low Income Retirement Assistance Plan.

The cost for the implementation of the Plan for the participation of approximately 3.200 persons is estimated at five hundred thousand euros (€ 500.000)

Beneficiaries of the Plan included in the above categories must necessarily be the permanent residents of the island, who:

  • They have been vaccinated against it Covid-19 with at least one dose.
  • They have recovered from the virus up to 180 days before staying in the accommodation.

The aim of the Plan is on the one hand to provide quality services to low-income retirees but also to support the mountain resorts of our place, which with their operation offer a significant number of jobs in areas outside urban centers, strengthen the tourism product of Cyprus by during the winter months, thus helping to extend the tourist season and with their operation, they significantly support the communities in which they operate.

Regarding the application process, the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance will inform the beneficiaries soon, as soon as the procedures regarding the implementation of the Plan are finalized.