Subsidy for kindergartens: Beneficiaries are increasing from September

The revised Tuition Subsidy Plan was approved by the Ministry today

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Approval by the Council of Ministers is expected to be received today Tuition Subsidy and Feeding Scheme for Children Up to 4 years of age which was implemented for the first time in the 2022-2023 school year.


The Welfare Allowance Management Service of the Deputy Ministry of Welfare, after evaluating the Subsidy Plan made changes that will benefit more beneficiaries.

Although the approval of the Plan was expected to happen in the previous weeks, a slight delay was observed as the Ministry of Finance had to give its approval first, since the subsidies will increase, which also implies an increase in the amount of money that will be subsidized.

What is changing

During the current school year, beneficiaries of the Scheme were families that had been approved for Child Benefit for 2022 based on the Child Benefit Laws, with at least one child up to the age of 4 on 31 August 2022, with annual family income for the previous calendar year not exceeding the specified limits. The monthly allowance amounts to 80% of the monthly tuition fees.

As OffsiteNews is informed, since the new school year, Income Limits are expected to change-depending on the composition of the family-.

An illustrative example is Couple with one childwhere their income criterion was up to €30.000. I mean if they had incomes above €30.000 then they were not entitled to a subsidy. 

Now, since the new school year, their income criterion is expected to increase and reach €49.000. 

It is expected that there will be an increase in the income criteria for the rest of the family compositions. Anyway changes those promoted by the Deputy Ministry of Welfare, expected to greatly increase the number of Plan beneficiaries.

In the meantime, a total of 340 Kindergartens participated in the Plan during the current year. At this stage, according to information, several kindergartens await the provisions of the billorder to decide whether or not to ultimately join the Scheme.