Refunds for travel canceled, urges Cyprus Consumer Association

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The European Commission has initiated the infringement procedure against Cyprus and nine other countries for violating the legal right of consumers to fully refund their money for their canceled trip, according to the Cyprus Consumer Association.

In a statement today, the Cyprus Consumer Association urges consumers who have not received all their money back to report their case to the Competent Authority for the implementation of the legislation on organized travel, which is the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy1429, tel. and email

He states that travelers who only bought a plane ticket have this right and adds that in the case of buying airline tickets, the competent authority is the Department of Civil Aviation, phone 22404102.

"Consumers who accepted a credit note ΄voucher΄ and would like to have their money back, send a letter to their travel agent and request a refund with the justification of the conditions and the pressure exerted on them to accept the credit note. ", He adds.

The Association also states that "if within a week their travel agent does not respond or his response is unsatisfactory, then a complaint will be lodged with the Consumer Protection Service".

The Cyprus Consumers' Association states that, to date, the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, in the matter of consumer protection for the return of their money, has not met the expectations of consumers.

"We hope that with the new developments, the Service will realize that it is the Competent Authority for Consumer Protection and has an obligation to implement the law immediately," he said, adding that "further delays could lead to other objectives." by effectively enforcing the law ”.

Finally, the Cyprus Consumers' Association states that "it is unthinkable two months from its complaints" and the complaints of individual consumers against travel organizers, the Consumer Protection Service still to investigate them.

Source: KYPE