He attacked a police officer to avoid control-Arrest of 36-year-old

He attacked a police officer and sent him to the hospital

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The Police handcuffed a 36-year-old man, who allegedly attacked and injured a police officer during a check, on Wednesday night, outside the Agios Ioannis Police Station, in Limassol.

According to the TAE Limassol, it was around 20:40 when a member of the OPE Limassol approached and showed his police ID to the suspect in order to check him, he allegedly pushed him repeatedly, causing the policeman to lose his balance, to fall to the ground and be injured.

The other police officers who were at the scene intervened and arrested the 36-year-old, who, according to the Limassol Police Department, resisted.

The police officer visited a private doctor and it was found that he has a dislocation of the left shoulder blade and left thumb, as well as abrasions and bruises on the shoulder blade.

A case of assault against a police officer, causing actual bodily harm and resisting lawful arrest is being investigated against the 36-year-old.

Source: KYPE