Famous Cypriots who honored the custom of the kite (PHOTO)

Watch them fly a kite with their children

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Watch them fly a kite with their children.

Shrove Monday has some customs that have been observed over time. One of them is kite flying, which young and old seem to enjoy, as some people go through the process of making their own kite.

Through yesterday's posts on social media, we identified well-known representatives of the Cypriot showbiz, who indulged in flying the kite to entertain their children.

See the relevant images below: 

Nikolas Papadopoulos with his son

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The photo posted by Giota Papadopoulou


Ariadne, daughter of Constantine Euripides and Nectarios Alexander

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The image posted by Stella Savva

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The son of Michalis Sophocles and Panagiota Iakovou, Sophocles with the kite

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Michalis Sophocles with his son

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Efthymios Diplaros in his attempt to fly the kite

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Nikos Christodoulidis at work

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Source: ilovestyle.com