There is a ceiling on the price of bottled water - "We got away with it ... gross profit"

We urge consumers to make smart and rational prices

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The authorities seek to set a ceiling on the price of bottled water, according to the Director of Consumer Services of the Ministry of Trade, Konstantinos Karagiorgis.

According to what Constantinos Karagiorgis stated in Protoselidos, "last summer we noticed the pricing of water at very high levels. We have strayed from the limits of profiteering and it has been very unfair to consumers for a very important good, which is water."

Adding that, "our thinking is in places where competition does not work such as airports, cinemas, ports, stadiums and archaeological sites, the small bottles to put a maximum price so that the consumer who will be in the specific places can have an easy and cheap access without exploitation".

We urge consumers to make smart and rational prices

In addition, it appeals to consumers to acquire a rational consumption habit based on their real needs, not to deviate from their list and be influenced by offers.

Konstantinos Karagiorgis, referred to an experiment they did saying that "we went to two supermarkets and in each supermarket we took two trolleys, in one we put the cheapest and in the other the more expensive product, the same product and the same weight. We did it for 44 products and the variations within the same supermarket were huge.

In supermarket 1, the cheapest basket cost 131 euros and the most expensive 177 euros.

In supermarket 2, the cheapest basket cost 142 euros and the most expensive 199 euros.

This example shows us that the consumer has options to save money.

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Source: Sigmalive