Changes are coming to USB – What will they be called now?

Changes and simplifications are coming to usb

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Changes and simplifications are coming to usb.

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the group responsible for the standard used by almost every technology device worldwide, has now decided to make some changes, aimed at making things easier for consumers.

Going into detail, USB-IF will rebrand the USB names, permanently removing the SuperSpeed ​​USB name and the USB 4 name.

The changes will be finalized within the quarter, meaning the new names and logos will begin to be used by products by the end of the year.

What will USBs be called now?

From now on, instead of USB devices having a special name for their ports, all that will be listed is their speed. Therefore, the designations that will now be used will be: USB 5Gbps and USB 10Gbps (which replace the SuperSpeed ​​designations) and USB 40Gbps and USB 20Gbps (which replace the USB4 designations).

Of course, the code numbers will still exist, but not for consumers. This means manufacturers will still be faced with specs like USB4 Gen3x2 and USB4 Version 2, but consumers will only see the numbers they care about. For example a USB4 cable will simply be listed as USB 40Gbps. The new branding covers all port categories, from the older USB Type-A and microUSB, to the newer USB Type-C.

It is worth noting that the only "old-fashioned" name that will remain is USB Hi-Speed. These are USB 2.0 cables, which transfer data at just 480Mbps. However, if these cables were called USB 480Mbps many might get confused and prefer them.

The big bet is whether the manufacturers will adopt the new designations, since they are not mandatory. USB is an open standard, so it is up to each company to comply or not.