They set up a cartel and robbed a betting agency employee

They attacked a betting agency employee

soulia 8

A robbery against a 40-year-old betting agency employee is being investigated by the police in Limassol. The perpetrators were waiting for their victim and attacked him when he tried to get into his car.

The robbery was committed at 11.40 last night, in the area of ​​Agios Ioannis in Limassol.

According to the Police, when the 40-year-old employee of a betting agency went to school, he was attacked by two unknown persons, while he was heading to his car.

The perpetrators allegedly ambushed the victim and after attacking him, threw him to the ground and grabbed his briefcase containing 1.800 euros in cash and a laptop computer.

They then ran away. The clerk tried to chase them down but to no avail.