37-year-old "wiped out" with coronavirus in Nicosia - They put her mother in the same bed

Leaving her life, the 37-year-old gave the bed she was being treated to her mother.

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Tragic game of fate for a family from Limassol. The 37-year-old daughter “passed away” and gave the bed to treat her intubated mother.

The 37-year-old girl from Limassol, who had been hospitalized for days in the Intensive Care Unit of the Nicosia General Hospital, failed to emerge victorious from her battle with the coronavirus. The unfortunate woman succumbed in the early hours of Monday due to pneumonia from Covid. The news of her death spread grief to relatives and friends, however, the most tragic thing is that leaving the life, the 37-year-old gave the bed she was being treated to her mother.

According to information from "F", the mother of the 37-year-old was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit at the Limassol Hospital, where she was intubated on Sunday afternoon. She was in a common ward for hours until her transfer to the ICU of Nicosia Hospital was arranged due to lack of beds.

Fate played a bad game as the available bed was found after the death of her 37-year-old daughter, who was hospitalized with a severe pulmonary embolism as a result. Covid-19. The information states that no person from the 37-year-old's family had been vaccinated, not even herself. Until yesterday, Sunday, 290 patients were hospitalized, of which 96 were in serious condition, with 54 of them being intubated.

Source: Philenews