This is how Instagram passwords are stolen - Police Recommendations

Caution! This is how sneaky people steal you through Instagram

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The Cyprus Police, specifically the Cybercrime Directorate, has recently received several complaints regarding suspicious password hacking messages on Social Media and especially on Instagram.

These messages are malicious and aim to extract money from citizens' bank accounts. They also target access to various other social media accounts, through which the perpetrators can then gain access to other users' accounts as well, to trick them as well.

Specifically, after the perpetrators intrusively gain access to citizens' social media accounts, such as Instagram, they then send a message to persons listed in the "Contacts" of the account holder, urging them to invest in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, etc., choosing specific electronic link, mentioned in the message.

Unsuspecting recipients of the message, thinking that the message was sent by their acquaintance/friend, following the electronic link they receive in the message, are asked to fill in various details, such as passwords to social media accounts, as well as access details to bank accounts. The perpetrators can thus gain access to the bank accounts and withdraw sums of money.


The public is requested to be extremely careful with such messages and not to disclose any codes received to any person.

It is recommended that you enable two-factor security settings for your online accounts.

In case of receiving a suspicious message / request, to communicate in a different way with the person from whom he received the message to confirm the request.

In the event that he took any of the actions suggested to him by the perpetrators of the fraud, it is recommended to check and change the account password immediately.