This way we will get out of 15/12 - For whom the safepass is abolished

In which places the way of entry changes, what will happen with hotels, what will change from December 18

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A high end restaurant reopens after the 2010 Covid-19 lockdown, with measures in place to protect staff and customers.

New measures aimed at stopping the pandemic come into force on the 15th of the month.

According to the Government decisions, from December 15, only people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine will be allowed to enter various activities with the necessary condition to have a negative result of laboratory PCR or rapid antigen test (rapid test).

In which areas changein the way of entry

- Indoor and outdoor courts

EXCEPTION: Professional athletes, workers in sports facilities and people aged 12 to 18, who train or compete in sports venues.

- Theaters, amphitheaters, cinemas, theaters

EXCEPTION: Employees presenting a negative PCR laboratory test or rapid antigen test.

- Nightclubs, discotheques, music and dance venues and restaurants (including shopping malls)

EXCEPTION: Employees presenting a negative PCR laboratory test or rapid antigen test.

In all other areas not mentioned above, the existing provisions based on the decrees continue to apply.

What will happen to hotels

Hotel occupants are excluded. They will be able to visit the on-site dining areas provided they have a valid SafePass.

• Children aged 6-11 are excluded, meaning they have a SafePass while for children under 6 there is no restriction.

• The provisions of the decree that are in force apply to tourists.

What will change from December 18

As of December 18, SafePass will be abolished for those who have not received the booster dose 7 months after the start of the initial vaccination. However, for persons who have passed the period of 7 months after taking the 2nd dose, they will be able to enter the above areas ONLY by presenting a negative PCR laboratory test or rapid antigen test (rapid test), in digital form.

In cases of persons who can not be vaccinated for medical reasons, the exception applies only after approval by the Ad Hoc committee of the Pancyprian Medical Association.

The exceptions

Excluded are people who have been ill, provided that less than 6 months have passed and hold a certificate of recovery.

SafePass requirements by age:

• 0-5 years there is no restriction.

• 6-11 years old requires a negative laboratory test on a weekly basis (excluding children 6 years old attending pre-primary education).

SafePass requirements by age with at least one vaccine dose, or up to 6 months certificate of illness:

• 12-17 years old requires a negative laboratory test lasting 72 hours (PCR or rapid antigen test).

• 18 and over requires a negative laboratory test lasting 72 hours in case of PCR and 48 hours in case of rapid antigen test.

The self tests

From December 13, all citizens will have the opportunity to conduct a self-test. The cost for the supply of self-test will be borne by the citizen in case of unvaccinated persons, while in the case of vaccinated persons, they will be subsidized by the Ministry of Health and will be prescribed by Personal Physicians.

It is clarified that the self-tests do not replace the tests with rapid antigen detection test or PCR for SafePass purposes and that in case of a positive indication the result will be confirmed by PCR examination and the Personal Physician should be informed.