Eurostat: Cypriots worked 38,5 hours a week in 2023

Where are most hours of work recorded?

Screenshot 7 18 Work, Cyprus

Cypriot workers aged 38,5-20 worked an average of 64 hours per week at their main job in 2023, slightly above the EU average of 36,1 hours, according to data released by Eurostat , the statistical office of the European Union.

Among the data for Cyprus, it stands out that the domestic work sector is significantly higher than the EU average for this sector.

Significant differences are recorded between Member States, as the most hours of actual work per week were recorded in Greece (39,8 hours), Romania (39,5), Poland (39,3) and Bulgaria (39,0).

The lowest working hours per week were recorded by the Netherlands (32,2 hours), Austria (33,6) and Germany (34,0).

The economic activities with the most hours worked per week in the EU in 2023 were agriculture, forestry and fishing (41,5 real hours worked), mining and quarrying (39,1) and construction (38,9 ,XNUMX).

The fewest hours of work were recorded in domestic workers (26,7 hours), education (31,9) and arts, entertainment and recreation (33,0).

In Cyprus, the most working hours per sector were recorded in agriculture, forestry and fishing (45,7 actual working hours), however, domestic workers came in second (44,1), while mining and quarrying came in third ( 44,0). The hospitality and catering category is also particularly high compared to the EU (42,9 compared to 36,9 in the EU).

The fewest working hours in Cyprus were recorded in education (33,8), other services (36,1) and the activities of heterogeneous organizations and agencies (37,3).

Source: KYPE