He set fire to tires and spread to a shop and vehicles

A fire had broken out in three parked cars.


Around 1.50 this morning, information was received about a fire in vehicles parked in an area in Nicosia. Members of the Police rushed to the scene, where they found that a fire had broken out in three parked cars. The fire was extinguished by members of the Fire Service.

At the same time, a fire broke out in an adjacent store, which spread to two cars, which were parked in a second adjacent store. The fire was extinguished by members of the Fire Service.

From examinations carried out by members of the Police through closed circuit surveillance, it was established that a suspicious person, of thin build, wearing a light-colored T-shirt, dark pants, a black hat and carrying a bag on his shoulder and traveling on a bicycle, had set fire to a pile of tires cars that were outside the first store. The fire spread to the store and to two cars in the store next door.

A short time later, members of the Police who conducted searches in the area to locate the suspect, identified a 33-year-old man who resembled the suspect who had set the tire pile on fire. At a nearby point, the members of the Police also located a bicycle that resembled the bicycle that the perpetrator was using. The 33-year-old was stopped and subjected to a check, while being interrogated, he confessed to the members of the Police that he committed the arson at the store.

For the purpose of police investigations, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the 33-year-old suspect, who was arrested and taken into custody. Cases of arson of the store and arson of a total of five cars are being investigated against him.

TAE Nicosia continues the exams.