Cypriots are resourceful in seizing sponsorships for vehicle withdrawals

They were buying cheap cars of €500-€600 which they declared for retirement in order to collect the €10.000-€12.000 government subsidy for the purchase of an electric vehicle

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Cypriots are not "played" and prove to be very resourceful in deceiving the system or passing through loopholes left through proclamations or even legislation.

The above reference is related to the fact that citizens instead of withdraw the vehicles that they had in order to collect the €10.000-€12.000 state grant for the purchase of an electric vehicle, bought cheap cars of €500-€600 which they declared for retirement as provided for in the relevant government program, while also keeping what they previously owned and which is probably more polluting than what they bought to retire.

The issue surfaced the MP of the Environmentalists Stavros Papadouris, making a relevant reference during the discussion of the budget of the Ministry of Transport.

We contacted Mr. Papadouris, who, when asked about this by "F", stated that only he was approached by four citizens who asked him to inform them about the sponsorships and in the discussion above, they also told him their plan for withdrawal.

Mr. Papadouris wondered whethera limit had to be placed on the time of ownership of a vehicle before someone alienates it for withdrawal purposes.

It is noted that with the programs of the government, in the period 2020-2023 (until September) 1912 electric vehicles were purchased. Private vehicles are only 714 while the rest include commercial vehicles and even mopeds.

Source: Philenews