Lesya murder: Came to escape the war-Met the suspect a month ago (VIDEO)

The suspect denies any guilt

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The findings from the legal autopsy of 28-year-old Lesya Bykova from Ukraine are significant, from which it appears that she has a fracture at the point of the hyoid bone as well as external injuries, said the Head of the Paphos TAE and ADE press representative, Michalis Nikolaou, noting at the same time that the 31-year-old suspect denies any guilt.

Speaking to Protoselidos, he initially clarified that "there was no reversal in the way it is presented, as there were suspicions from the first moment that things were not as the suspect presented them, but there was no specific testimony that would justify the issuance of any warrant".

The Head of TAE Pafos explained that the 28-year-old arrived in Cyprus at the beginning of January and settled permanently. She had secured a special residence permit from the Department of Population Records and Immigration due to the problems that exist in her homeland. He was in Cyprus for some time and in the past but had left. He had met the suspect about a month ago."

According to Mr. Nikolaou, the forensic autopsy shows that the unfortunate girl has a fracture at the point of the hyoid bone, which is observed in cases of strangulation.

Furthermore, added Mr. Nikolaou, external physical injuries were identified which create suspicion of sexual abuse as well as additional external injuries which do not result from a fall from a height.

The suspect was presented on Monday (13/3) before the Paphos District Court, which decided on his 8-day detention to facilitate investigations.

Subsequently, the lawyers of the 28-year-old suspect asked for a request to the Police to perform a second autopsy on the body of the 31-year-old woman. According to Michalis Nikolaou, the suspect's request for a second autopsy, which will be attended by a private medical examiner, is being studied by the State Legal Service.

Asked about this, Mr. Nikolaou stated that the suspect denies any guilt in the case, although he confirms, with his testimony, that he was earlier with the victim, making the claim that it was an accident in the unfortunate Lesya Bykova's attempt to take a selfie against the background of Petra tou Romiou .

When the suspect contacted the Police, Mr. Nikolaou said, he said that he and his girlfriend went to the area of ​​Petra tou Romiou and in her attempt to take a selfie, the 28-year-old fell off the cliff.