Xylotympo murder: Victim's brother handcuffed for threats

Handcuffs to the brother of the murdered Angel - He threatened the father of the suspects

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The detention of a 31-year-old Greek Cypriot until his trial, which is scheduled for October 12, was ordered today by the Famagusta provincial court in relation to a case of behavior causing harassment and threats of violence, offenses which were committed on September 15 in Xylotymbou.

Specifically, on 15/9/23, a 70-year-old Greek Cypriot reported to the Paralimni Police Station that on the same day he received a phone call from the 31-year-old, who threatened him to carry out an act which he had no legal obligation to carry out, while he also attempted to kill himself and the familiar to him.

However, according to information, this is the brother of the murdered Nikos Aggelis, for whose murder two brothers from Xylotymbou, children of the 70-year-old who received threats to his life, are accused.

The two brothers face serious charges and are expected to be brought before the Criminal Court on October 31.

An arrest warrant was obtained against the 31-year-old for the crimes under investigation and he was arrested on September 17 in Xylotymbou.

On 18/9/23 the 31-year-old was brought before the District Court of Famagusta in Paralimni which fixed the case on 12/10/23 and ordered the detention of the 31-year-old until today, to study the prosecution's request to detain him as a deputy until trial.

Today, the court decided to remand the 31-year-old until 12/10/23.