Fire at the Basilica: "Our fears are being verified - It's not over"

"We see that every now and then a fire catches fire and our area is filled with exhaust gas"

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Concerns are expressed by the communities adjacent to Vasiliko, after today's fire, which covered the area with smoke, with the mayor of Psematismenos, Christodoulos Papachristou, stating that the fears for the safety and health of the residents "are unfortunately being verified".

In his statements to the media, Mr. Papachristou said that this is not the first time that such an incident occurs and everyone is worried, as they do not know how toxic the smoke from the fire can be to the burning materials.

"We see that every now and then our area catches fire and fills with exhaust gas and it is something with which we strongly disagree," he said, adding that the community leaders in the area had warned with mobilizations, in a recent meeting with the Interior Ministers. Trade and Agriculture.

Expressing the indignation of the residents, Mr. Papachristou stressed that "this situation is no longer going well".

Source: KYPE