Fotiou: With a 72-hour PCR test, the trapped will come to vote in the elections

The settlement made through the United Nations

Screenshot 2021 05 27 112344 Parliamentary Elections 2021, Caged

The arrangement made by the United Nations with the occupying authorities so that the trapped and resettled can freely come to the free areas to vote on Sunday for the parliamentary elections, is to hold a 72-hour PCR test, which will be demonstrated during the Their return to the occupation regime, said to KYPE, the Commissioner for the Presidency for Humanitarian Affairs, Fotis Fotiou.

He said the briefing was made at his office by the United Nations last night.

Therefore, he added, all those who will come to vote in the parliamentary elections will have to take the PCR test for coronavirus in advance.

It is noted that all those trapped have already been vaccinated.

According to the Commissioner of Fire, there are a total of 243 trapped voters, 193 Greek Cypriots and 50 Maronites.

The Greek Cypriots are distributed as follows: 154 in Rizokarpaso, 37 in Agia Triada and 2 in Agios Andronikos. As for the Maronites, 46 are in Kormakitis and 4 in Karpasia.

"For those trapped, we have already consulted with the Election Commissioner to determine two Centers, where they will vote. "One for Karpasia is at the Primary School of Acheritos in Center C and for the Maronites at the Lyceum of Kykkos in Nicosia in Centers A and R", he pointed out.

Commissioner Fotiou said that arrangements with buses have been made for the transport of the trapped people to and from the occupied areas. Also, those who wish to come with their own cars to the free areas can do so.

"We are ready as a Service in cooperation with the Election Commissioner, as well as in every electoral contest that we can coordinate, to facilitate all this people to come and go back to their homes," he added.

He also said that there are a number of trapped people living in the free areas who due to the situation with the pandemic could not go back, that arrangements were made for them to vote.