PHOTO: Charging systems with dangerous battery sprinklers are being withdrawn

Charging systems with dangerous battery atomizers are being withdrawn

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The Labor Inspection Department (TEE) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance informs employers, self-employed persons and the consumer public that the dangerous battery sprayers circulating on the Cypriot market, with the charging system below, pose a risk of electric shock, fire and burns.


These atomizers are considered dangerous as the charger's 12 Volt output (female) has the standard IEC 230 Volt connection, while the 12 Volt charging port (male) is also the standard IEC 230 Volt.

The user could accidentally connect a 230 volt power cord to the 12 volt charging port. This could lead to a short circuit and overheating of the battery, causing burns, fire or electric shock.

A similar type of dangerous product has been detected in the European Union and its details have been registered in the Rapid Information Exchange System (RAPEX). The Announcement no. A11/0018/19 of RAPEX is relevant.

The TEE has issued a Recall Notice for the sprayers with the brand name / model number “KAOKEY / JN-MD16A” and “EARTH / ZQ-7002” that it found after its checks.

Users of battery atomizers are urged to check their atomizers and if the above charging system is detected, return the atomizer to the supplier.

For more information you can contact the relevant Department Officers at 22879033 or 22405604.