Cyprus: Imprisonment or high fine for parking in disabled areas

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Those who are unconsciously unauthorized drivers are expected to face up to a year in prison or a fine of up to 1285 euros, according to a police circular.

According to a post by the president of the Cyprus Paraplegic Organization, Dimitris Lamprianidis on Facebook, it is reported that with a Police circular, those who illegally park in disabled parking spaces or illegally use the blue card, in private parking lots or in places where they have a controlled entrance police officers and will face up to a year in prison and / or a fine of more than a thousand euros.

Mr. Lamprianidis congratulated the Chief of Police and his associates for taking advantage of the welfare of the law.

"Congratulations to the Chief of Police and his associates who will finally take advantage of this provision of the law," concludes Mr. Lambrianidis.

Source: philenews