G. Pitsiali: "They exclude a student with cerebral palsy from the Pancyprians"

"They have not even met the child and come this way to exclude him"

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The refusal of the Ministry of Education to grant a differentiated writing in the Pancyprian examinations to Nikolas, a high school student with cerebral palsy, was denounced on the SIGMA show "Front Page" by Gioula Pitsiali, President of the "Agka" Organization. 

As he stated, "Nicholas will go to the exams and if he does not revoke the Ministry, he will have inaccessible writing in front of him, but he will be there". He noted that six years ago there was a struggle to admit Nikolas to school.

Due to cerebral palsy, he can not speak or write, however, he can answer multiple questions with his "yes" and "no", he said characteristically. He added to the six years that he is a student, he proved that he stood with dignity in all his duties and obligations and in fact with very good performance.

"They have not even met the child and they come this way to exclude him," he said. This is discrimination, he said, and he expects intervention from the Commissioner for Human Rights or another body that has the power to oblige the Ministry of Education to give a differentiated multiple choice writing to Nikolas, in order to claim a position at a University, he stressed.