Opposition leaders dine with Serdar Denktash in occupied territories

They discussed the current situation and what can be done.

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The T / C opposition, the leaders of the PTK, KL and KKD parties, attended a dinner at the house of Serdar Denktash, a former "MP" and chairman of the DK, who now has no political position.

According to the newspapers Detay and Ozgur, Tufan Erhiurman, Kudret Ozersay and Mine Atli were at the dinner last night. They discussed, it is reported, the current situation and what can be done. However, there is no talk of making any decision.

Serdar Denktash in a post on MKD last night wrote that they are going through a period where the prevailing psychology is to constantly argue and fall to eat each other. "This is not our people. "If we manage to break this vicious circle, if we manage to respect ourselves first, then we can do something."

We did it in the past, we can do it again, "Denktash continued in his post, saying" something needs to be done. We will try. We will persistently support our history and our future. "This is not the time to put our differences and personal grudges on the agenda."

In such an era, those who still want to criticize trying to bring these issues to the fore are only conspirators who have no idea, he added, concluding with the phrase "we will find our way".

Source: KYPE