For another 8 days "under illegal" detention in the occupied territories, Andreas Soutziis

He is accused of possessing a radio, photographic material from a military area, maps, etc

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For another 8 days Mr. Andreas Soutziis will remain "under arrest" in the occupied territories, who is accused of possessing a radio, photographic material from a military area, maps, etc.

As his lawyer, Ongel Polili, told KYPE, the photos found in Souzii's possession were taken when he and 25 other prisoners were hiking from Deryneia to the walled city of Famagusta. So far, he added, no accusation of espionage against Mr. Souzis has come to the fore.

Mr. Polili also mentioned that the Trikomos "provincial court" where the first arrest was made, ordered that Mr. Soutziis be examined in a hospital, which was not done and the Turkish lawyer considers this to be contempt of "court". He also noted that the information that the "police" wanted to collect from the devices that Mr. Soutziis had with him (eg mobile phone) could be done in 5 days, but they only started doing it yesterday.

As reported in the occupied, during today's proceedings in the "provincial court" it was reported that 9 maps were allegedly found in the possession of Mr. Souzis on which the military area was underlined. It is also alleged that two cameras, a GPS device and audio equipment (unspecified what they were) were also found in his possession. A further 21.775 data in 21 folders on memory cards were found and are being examined.

The "police investigator" asked for more time to review the data and listen to the audio, while the "general prosecutor", Hasan Bosnak, argued that it was a matter of public safety.

Mr. Souji's lawyer, Angel Polili told reporters that even the simplest legal rules have been violated in this process. He also noted that the matter has not been reported to the Technical Committee on Crime and Criminality, which should intervene in this case.

As mentioned in the possessions, Mr. Soutziis will remain "in custody" for another 8 days and will appear next Thursday in a "martial court".