Why the Police don't dismantle the underworld-"Al Capone went to jail..." (VID)

"When one makes a career in organized crime, it carries serious risks"

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The new death ambush set up on Monday (30/10) by the hooded men on Thanasis Kalogeropoulos, reopened the debate on the activity of organized crime in Cyprus.

Professor of Criminology Dr. Andreas Kapardis, who spoke about organized crime in Cyprus and explained why the Police cannot limit the activity of the underworld.

He initially said it was a premeditated, planned crime. "They watched, they knew the moves and they hit professionally."

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Asked if he sends a month that the murder took place in public view, he replied that he can send various messages. "There are two possible explanations. They might have been locals and they were so sure that no one would approach them afterwards. The other possible explanation is that they are executors who were given a contract. It can also be from abroad."

He added that the Police is the appropriate body to answer if the murder of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos will open a new cycle of bloodshed. "When one makes a career in organized crime, it carries serious risks. There may be rivalries and enmities which result in murder."

Dr. Kapardis said that in Cyprus in recent years with the spread of drugs and great wealth, criminal groups come into conflict for the control of specific areas.

He also said that it does not surprise anyone, the fact that the Police cannot establish cases against a person who is active in crime. "The criminal elements act in such a way that they stay away from the crime and so the Police do not have evidence to accuse them before the Justice."

He added that the powers of the Cyprus Police are limited compared to the Police of other European countries.

Continuing, he said that the state has failed to dismantle organized crime because there is no effective approach. "There are no appropriate legislations to support the efforts. An overseas Police would target wealth from illegal activities. The infamous Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion."

Source: Sigmalive