Doctor mocked an elderly woman for having surgery - How did the complainant find out?

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A 36-year-old woman, a resident of Limassol, was arrested yesterday afternoon on a warrant for facilitating the investigation into a case involving a crime in violation of the General Health System Law, forgery and forgery of counterfeit documents. performances as well as for negligent and reckless acts.

Specifically, a 73-year-old woman reported to the Police that, after visiting the 36-year-old at the doctor's office in Limassol, for health issues, the latter allegedly judged that the elderly woman needed surgery.

After the surgery in a medical center, a few months later, the 73-year-old had to be hospitalized in a private hospital for health issues. There, according to the complaint, she had been informed by the doctors that she needed the same specific surgery where she had previously suffered from the 36-year-old.

After an examination of the 73-year-old by a private doctor, it was found that she had not undergone the surgery that had been reported to her by the 36-year-old.

As part of the investigation of the case, her medical file was received where it appears that the 36-year-old filled in a discharge document based on legislation of the complainant as well as of the surgery which the 73-year-old allegedly underwent.

Evidence for further scientific examinations was received from the office of the 36-year-old.

TAE Limassol continues the examinations.