Gildirim: "Time to legitimize the two states and equal sovereignty"

This will be their goal after the "elections" in the occupied territories.

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In fact, there are two states with equal sovereignty and it is time to legitimize this, said the Turkish Vice President of the AKP Binali Gildirim, saying that this will be their goal after the "elections" in the occupied territories.

During his meeting with Binali Gildirim, the "Prime Minister" Faiz Suzuoglu said he would return to the occupied territories with much greater enthusiasm. He said there was very little time left until the January 23rd elections.

"I hope that after 23 we will create a stable 'government', a stable politics, a stable economy and a stable social life in 'northern Cyprus'", he said.

Binali Gildirim stated that "There is no difficulty that the 'tdbk' and Turkey, as a nation and two states, can not overcome with solidarity and unity in the good and difficult times, as in the past. We know that. "

He claimed that the Cypriot people have tried all kinds of constructive proposals for the solution of the Cyprus problem for years. "All the options, all the alternatives have been tried in the Cyprus issue and in the end, it was revealed that the other side is not honest and is not looking for a solution.

This is as clear as daylight. "There are in fact two states with equal sovereignty," he said. He added that they believe it is time "for this (state) to be legitimized and made known to the international community".

"Our next goal is to advance this just cause before all regional and global international organizations, especially the Organization of Turkish States as Turkey and as 'tdbk', with the confidence and stability that will emerge after your elections in the new term." ”, said Binali Gildirim.