Helpline 1450: About 1200-1500 calls daily

About 1200-1500 citizen calls are answered daily by the Telephone Service Center on line 1450

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About 1200-1500 calls from citizens are answered by the Telephone Service Center on line 1450 every day, after the operation on March 30, as the responsible official of the Under-Ministry of Social Welfare, Christos Diomidou, stated today at KYPE. He said that since the beginning of the operation of the Center, issues related to informing citizens about waiting in the line have been resolved, while the goal is for the waiting time to be under one minute.

Mr. Diomidous, in his statements to the KYPE, explained that the operation of the Center until the end of May is on a pilot basis and during this period the Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation monitors the performance indicators of the operation, in order to coordinate with the contractor company for problem solving. He also noted that various issues that had been identified have already been resolved, since the problems are being dealt with simultaneously with the operation of the Center.

At the moment, 20 people are employed in the call center, who answer all the questions of the citizens, which fall under the responsibilities of the Social Insurance Service and the Welfare Benefits Management Service. According to Mr. Diomidous, this staff responds satisfactorily to citizens' calls, which amount to up to 1500 daily.

Asked whether the center is prepared to respond to a greater volume of calls, Mr. Diomidou stated that, within the framework of the agreement with the contractor company, there is a provision to cover up to 2200 calls per day and, if necessary, the company will be asked to reinforce the potential of the Center.

Mr. Diomidous noted that it is observed that the call center is operating at a very good pace, reducing the waiting time drastically during the last week, while the goal is to keep this time under one minute.

He also explained that the service operates on three levels: in the first, general information is provided through recorded messages on matters concerning the two services that serve mid-1450, in the second, personalized service is provided to citizens, through identification to ensure that they are not given information to third parties, while at the third level, when there are more complex requests, they are referred to operators of the competent services through a ticketing system and are answered within 48 hours by phone. Many times, as Mr. Diomidou mentioned, citizens are already served by the information in the Center's recorded messages.

It is noted that the telephone service center for issues of the Social Insurance and Welfare Benefits Management Services operates daily on line 1450 free of charge for domestic users (and on +357 22 008020, with a charge for calls from abroad), from Monday to Friday between 8 :00 am – 5:00 p.m.

Source: KYPE