Homicide, rape & domestic violence in Cyprus - New data

The term "genocide" has now entered the Cypriot public debate

1 13 RAPE, Murder, Domestic Violence

From ACUNS to the numbers of the Branch of Domestic Violence & Juvenile Abuse of the YDYEP of the Cyprus Police

The term "femicide" has now entered the Cypriot public debate. Until recently, even in the international forensic literature, it was not so widespread. Academic and political debates about the appropriateness and usefulness of the term "feminicide", its characteristics, but also the ways of recording, classifying and analyzing it continue, with the term slowly becoming established, at least at European level.

"Simerini" provided the official statistics on murder, violence and abuse cases from the Cyprus Police Department for the Management of Domestic Violence & Minority (BSO & KA) of the Vulnerable Cases Management Sub-Directorate (YDYEP) of the Cyprus Police.

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