Gynecologist σε forgot gauze in the patient's vagina

The plaintiff underwent five surgeries

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Gynecologist - obstetrician during surgery to remove the uterus σε forgot gauze in the patient's vagina! The unbelievable incident of medical negligence took place on May 21, 2011 in a well-known clinic in Limassol and for the case the District Court sentenced the doctor to total compensation of € 232.225.00, plus legal interest from 31/10/2012, plus lawyer costs for the plaintiff damages and losses.

According to the findings of the Limassol District Court, the doctor in question during the hysterectomy for removal of the uterus, failed as it should and as it is necessary, before completing the surgery, to make sure that no surgical gauze was left from the ones he used cavity of the patient. In fact, the court accepted a testimony according to which the doctor kicked the bucket, in which he threw the used gauze, telling the nurses "I do not count gauze in my operating rooms".

As a result of the described behavior of the said doctor, the plaintiff had postoperative complications for which the doctor after being informed by phone, without examining the patient, wrongly decided that it was a mild postoperative infection and recommended the plaintiff to take voltaren. However, as the symptoms persisted, the patient sought the advice of a second physician, who ruled that he had a septic picture and, after being urgently admitted to another clinic, underwent surgery and had the gauze removed. In total, the applicant underwent five surgeries and remained in the intensive care unit for 21 days.

It is noted that evaluating the testimony of the defendant doctor, the court ruled that he was negligent and failed to properly assess the condition of the plaintiff, who after surgery suffered from acute abdominal peritonitis and sepsis, which immediately threatened her life.

It is worth mentioning that the defendant doctor's defense filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.