The story of Daniela from Cyprus shocks the "Pame Paketo"! (video)

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Daniela is a young girl who came from Cyprus to Pame Paketo to find traces of her biological family. At her side in this search were her adoptive parents.

The three of them have built the strongest relationship. The sender was adopted at the age of eight. These people literally saved her from a hell of a lot.

The little boy grew up in a Romanian institution, from which he has only unpleasant memories, with punishments reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Her parents tried to heal all the open "wounds" in her soul and offered her generous love.

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Daniela could not bear it and "collapsed" as soon as she learned the tragic story of her mother. Her two brothers were in the studio, where they received the package.

See what happened on the set of Pame Paketo