Vaccinations of children at the center of Pancyprian Research

emvolio Child Vaccinations, Ministry of Health

The positive response of the Cypriot parents is requested by the Ministry of Health, which announced yesterday the start of a nationwide survey to assess the vaccination coverage of children in our country. The research will concern children aged 17-24 months and according to the announcement of the Ministry of Health, "it is considered very important for public health, as it will help assess the gaps in the vaccination coverage of children and its results will be used for strengthening the vaccination program ".

According to the Ministry of Health, "the methodology of the research was decided by a Committee of its officials, with the guidance of experts from the World Health Organization, who had visited Cyprus last August, to plan the research". "This is a random sample of children aged 17-24 months, from the Population Archive, in order to ensure the greatest possible reliability of the findings".

Initially, according to the Ministry of Health, "letters will be sent to the parents and guardians of the children selected to participate in the survey, inviting them to contact the Visitor / Three Health Centers in their province to arrange a meeting at a time and place that best serves the parents / guardians ". The meeting will be short and it will record the vaccinations from each child's vaccination booklet.

Speaking to "F", the assistant director of the pediatric department of Makareio Hospital, Maria Koliou, called on the parents who will receive the relevant letter to respond positively and to participate in the research and at the same time to update their children's booklets in consultation with their pediatricians. As he said, "the health visitors who will take part in the research will check the child's vaccination booklet and will point out the missing vaccines, giving advice to the parents". He also explained that the meetings with the parents will take place in a place and time that suits them.

The survey will be conducted between May 20-31.

Source: Philenews / Marilena Panagi