The Commissioner of Legislation will draw up a N/s for artist/creator status

With the aim of securing the social and professional status of artists and creators

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With the aim of securing the social and professional status of artists and creators, the Council of Ministers approved today the assignment to the Commissioner of Legislation of drafting a revised bill on the issues of the status of the artist/creator, which will include all categories of artists and producers of artistic activity.


The Deputy Minister of Culture, Yiannis Toumazis, stated after the session that the bill concerns the securing of the social and professional status, the well-known status of the artist, which has been a constant demand of creators for decades.


He added that at the same time, the Deputy Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, will proceed to amend the Intellectual Property and Related Rights Law of 1976, in order to provide more protection to works of art and their creators.


Finally, he said, in collaboration with the Commissioner of Legislation, the Deputy Ministry of Culture will proceed with the elaboration and modernization of the Law on the Minimum Mandatory Rate of Enrichment of Public Buildings with works of art of 2009, which concerns the enrichment of public buildings with works of art in a percentage of at least equal to 1% of the total cost, so as to include, among other things, in addition to the buildings under construction and the buildings purchased for public use, as well as the insurance process for the works of art installed in the buildings.