Holy Monastery of St. Avvakum: "Miracle from paralysis" recounts Christos (VIDEO)

Christos recounts a miracle from paralysis - Watch the video

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The description of the miracle experienced by Christos from Athens is shocking.

The miracle of the Saint is described by Christos, who arrived from Athens with his family at the Holy Monastery of St. Avvakum in Fterikoudi on the Sunday of the Paralytic, to thank St. Avvakum for the favor he did to them.

As Christos mentions, he was in bed paralyzed when his mother prayed to Saint Habakkuk when he was healed and well to come and thank him.

The incident, as reported by the pilgrim in the video, happened in the Spring of 2022 when he fell ill with a inflammation of the spinal cord unknown origin. According to him, with the help of the Saint, after 8 months he was cured and managed to return to his daily life.

Watch the video: