Hierodiakonou: When does it "winter" in Cyprus-The "prediction" for first rains (VID)

The amateur Meteorologist, Tasos Ierodiakonou, gave his estimates for this winter

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The amateur Meteorologist, Tasos Hierodiakonou, gave his estimates for this winter in Mesimeri and Kati. 

In particular, when asked to make an assessment of the weather in winter, he replied that "I do this through the menalaya. I like it, it's a very nice process, I follow it and make predictions beyond the scientific method. I have generally learned that the year may not have a lot of rain, but Nicosia can have a lot of rain, Limassol does not. He can do a lot of Limassol and not Larnaca. Logically, the rains will start from the second fortnight of November onwards, because we still see that it has not rained everywhere and it is local. October will continue with some phenomena, we may have first rains, I hope, in the first ten days of October, but we will have more rains and cold later, maybe from January onwards".

In relation to mammatus clouds, he explained that "it is not a frequent phenomenon in Cyprus, it is more common in the USA and other countries that have other strong weather phenomena. These clouds show that severe weather phenomena, such as storms or tornadoes, are recorded in a certain area. We've had it in the past, but it's not common."

When asked if "the severe weather phenomena in the mountains on Tuesday are due to climate change, he replied that it is a strong storm, it does not mean that climate change plays a role. It is due to powerful phenomena."

Regarding the tools he uses for forecasting, he said that “they are forecasting models that exist on the internet and through them I read various maps. I will see a map of the winds, air masses in general, humidity, temperature and make the forecast." He explained that forecasting requires experience, maps alone are not enough.

He added that no one can know exactly what will happen with the weather in the future. Various studies say that the temperature on the planet will rise and some areas will become desertified, but this is relative and too early for someone to say.

He pointed out that he sometimes hears about "failures" in forecasts, noting that "forecasting needs a lot of study, it needs experience and at least you try to be close to reality.

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Source: Sigmalive