Twenty month old boy in Makareio with coronavirus symptoms

da233296fa948d3550c865e705fcdcef 20 month old baby boy, Coronavirus, Makareio Hospital

A XNUMX-month-old boy is being treated in a negative pressure ward at Makareio Hospital with symptoms of a respiratory infection and has been tested for coronavirus.

According to the Director of the Pediatric Department of the Hospital, Abraham Elias, speaking on state radio, the boy was referred by the British Bases and the results are expected.

Regarding the three-month-old boy, the first positive case of the virus in a minor, Mr. Elias stated that he is still being treated in a negative pressure ward, however his state of health is very good.

He will remain in the hospital for another two days and then he will go home, while the family members will be examined for the virus.

The little boy was transported by his mother to Makareio the day before yesterday, with symptoms.

Source: sigmalive