The majority of real estate buyers in the occupied territories are Israelis

2,672 "permits" to buy real estate were given to the occupied within 2022

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Under the headline "Israelis acquire our lands", Halkın Sesi (27.03.23) writes that 2,672 "permits" to purchase real estate were given to the occupied territories within 2022. According to the publication, the vast majority of said "permits" were given to Israelis, says the ITP.

According to company records, Israelis are buying significant percentages of land in occupied Cyprus. Information indicates that approximately two thousand companies have Israeli shareholders. It is said that through these companies, Israelis bought around 25 thousand acres of land in occupied Cyprus.

A large portion of the land purchased by the Israelis, who are buying land mainly in Karpasia, is reported to be agricultural land. It is also said that they have bought two thousand acres in Lefka as well.

It is noted that some of the Israelis in question have been granted "TRNC citizenship" and that Israelis have established approximately 200 companies in the occupied territories.

"There is an important claim regarding the fact that the Jews acquired 42% of the lands of the whole of Cyprus," says the publication, which speaks of the existence of a synagogue in the occupied territories.

Increase in real estate sales

Also, Diyalog (26.03.23) writes that the board member of the "Association of Estate Agents", Hussain Sadenghi said that sales of properties in the occupied territories are increasing, but the number of people selling properties "illegally" is also increasing, which causes serious problems.

Pointing out that "illegality" results in the "state" losing large amounts of revenue, Sandeghi said that both foreigners and locals are involved in "illegal" property sales.

He noted that real estate sales increased especially in the areas of Trikomo and Kyrenia and added that the best buyers are Turks, Russians, Iranians and Israelis.

Sandeghi concluded by saying that it is very difficult for locals living on their salary alone to buy property.

Source: Sigmalive