"Bell" in a fruit shop, supermarket and betting agency

The Police carried out 2.644 inspections all over Cyprus

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The complaints of 15 citizens and 5 premises, of which 4 in Limassol, were made by the Police in the last 24 hours, after 2.644 inspections carried out throughout Cyprus, in order to ascertain the observance and implementation of the decrees of the Law on Infection.

As a representative of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters stated in KYPE, 1.129 inspections were carried out in Nicosia, without complaint, while in Limassol 247 inspections were carried out, from which 6 complaints of citizens and 4 premises emerged.

In Larnaca 452 inspections were carried out with 2 complaints of citizens, in Paphos 110 inspections were carried out, out of which 2 complaints of citizens and 1 estate were made, in Famagusta 288 inspections were carried out and there were 5 complaints of citizens, while in Morfos area 303 inspections were carried out without complaint .

Also, all over Cyprus, the Traffic Police carried out 98 inspections, without any complaint.

Finally, the Port Police carried out 17 checks without a complaint.

The complaints concerned, among other things, a fruit grove in which more people were allowed to enter than the allowed number based on the restrictive measures, resulting in the issuance of an extrajudicial fine of 750 euros to the owner of the property.

Also, in a supermarket was fined 1.500 euros, because an employee was working without having safe passpass, while in a betting agency a fine of 1.500 euros was imposed as the owner of the agency allowed a guest to be on the premises without safepass