Firewood and pruning: Licensees and everything you need to know

The framework that governs logging and the trade in firewood is strict

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The framework that governs logging and the trade in firewood is strict. It may be that for most of us, the transport of prunings and timber in general seemed like something common, but for the Department of Forestry it is anything but "innocent" since all the required permits must be secured.

Giorgos Constantinou, Spokesperson of the Forestry Department, spoke on Radio Proto and explained that there are licensed firewood dealers. He advised citizens to be sure that dealers are licensed and licensed. They should ask for an invoice and waybill. A movement permit is also needed for fruit trucks.

Firewood that is in small bags of approximately 25 kg (eg sold at kiosks) does not need a permit.

If, for example, there was a fire in the field that is ours, we would have to apply to the Department for a logging permit.

The olive prunings also, if they are transported outside the community, there must be a transport ticket from the community leader. It depends of course on the dimensions of the prunings. It must be confirmed for example that they were cut from familiar estates.

At this time there is a demand for various types of trees. The Forestry Department at its stations sells small quantities of firewood. There are for example acacias or trachea pines with eucalyptus.

The Department kept the sale prices compared to previous years. Acacia is sold for example at 60 euros per cubic meter, while trachea pine together with eucalyptus is at 80 euros per cubic meter.

Licensed dealers have increased their prices due to accuracy as well.

Christmas trees for sale

The Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment informs the public that from Tuesday, November 29, until Friday, December 16, 2022, Christmas trees will be sold to the public.

The sale of Christmas trees from the sales centers will only take place during working days (Monday - Friday) and hours (08:00 - 14:30). It is clarified that the trees that will be allocated come from thinnings of forest plantations in the context of forestry operations, which are done with the aim of improving growth conditions and reducing competition in forest plantations. It is recalled that the felling, possession and transport of Christmas trees without the relevant permission of the Forestry Department is, according to the "Forestry Law of 2012", an offense punishable by a fine of up to €5.000 or imprisonment of up to one year or both together.

Private tree owners are urged to secure in advance, the necessary logging and transport permits and present them when requested by Forest Department Officers for inspection. At the same time, before transporting the trees from the logging sites, they should see to their sealing, at the bottom of the trunk (cross-section) with a stamp of the Forestry Department, addressing the nearest forestry station.