Summer vacation: How to protect your property from sophisticated thieves

This way you will protect your property from sophisticated thieves

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As part of the efforts made by the Police to consolidate the sense of security of citizens, as well as their property, in view of the summer holidays, the public is advised to take their own precautionary measures.

Indicatively, the following is a series of precautionary measures that citizens are encouraged to take to more effectively guard their homes and shops, as well as their other property while they are on beaches and tourist resorts.

In the beach:

* Only the necessary amount of money needed by the bather should be carried and his personal property should always be in his field of vision.

* Do not bring valuable items to the beach, such as jewelry, watches, cameras, mobile phones, etc. In the event that such objects are transported, under no circumstances should they be left unattended.

*Where possible, cooperate with other bathers in mutual surveillance of their property.

At the hotel or in the tourist apartment

*Preference should be given to hotels or tourist accommodation, in which there are measures to protect the property of customers.

*Each time tenants leave their room make sure windows and doors are closed and secured.

*Not to carry with them money or valuables that will not be needed during their exit.

*Valuable items can be left for safekeeping, in the reception area or in another specially designed area of ​​the hotel or accommodation.


*When they are absent from home, they should not leave signs that betray their absence.

*Make sure it is well locked and cooperate with trusted neighbors to monitor each other's homes.

*Do not leave the keys on the locks, not even on the inside of the door.

*Do not leave money, jewelry, important documents or other valuables exposed and where possible, keep them in a safe.

*Make sure doors, windows and light fixtures are secured.

*If they have an alarm system and/or closed circuit television, make sure that they have been put into operation and that they have not suffered any damage.

Store owners

*To leave the cash registers of their stores open and empty

*Do not leave large sums of money in unsafe places

*Not to leave their property exposed

*To have arranged for the installation of alarm systems

*To check that the systems in question are modern, reliable and have not suffered any damage Regarding electrical devices, to record the serial numbers of the manufacturing company (Serial numbers)

In crowded places / public streets:

During the holidays, the public is urged to be especially careful when walking or on busy streets / public places and to follow the instructions below:

*Money and credit cards to be placed in the front pockets of clothing.

*For women carrying bags, do not place all money, credit cards, passports, etc. in them. in them, but that will not be needed, to be left in a secured place in the hotel or accommodation.

*The bag, in which there are valuables, should preferably be placed in such a way that there is constant visual contact with it. (eg cross)

Vehicle owners

Do not leave the vehicle unattended when the engine is running or leave valuables, bags, wallets or other items exposed and in a prominent position in it that may provoke thieves.

VALUABLES SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT EXPOSED to attract attention and encourage malicious damage to the vehicle. Essentially, the property is targeted against would-be thieves.

*If it is necessary to leave objects in the car, they should be placed under the seats or in the luggage compartment. Never leave bags, briefcases, mobile phones, laptops or any other items in plain sight inside the car, even if it is locked.

*Do not leave your vehicle in operation even if you will be gone even for a very short time and never leave the keys in the engine or in the door. The owner/driver should take seriously the fact that vigilantes are lurking and therefore, even in the case of being away from his car for a few minutes, he must take all those measures that would prevent the theft of property from his vehicle or even the theft of the vehicle itself.

*Always lock the doors and roll up the windows fully, even if the car is parked in front of his house or in another place he considers safe.

*To always park his vehicle in places where there is enough street lighting. Dark or secluded places make it easier for thieves.

*Make sure he has removed his car keys.

*Not to leave his vehicle keys exposed in prominent places or in places that anyone can access.

*To take care of the safe keeping of his vehicle keys, especially when he is in crowded places (shops, restaurants, beaches, etc.) where there is a possibility of them being stolen.

*Where there is a garage to be used.

Finally, it is recommended to install an alarm system in the car.

In general, the public is urged to be vigilant and to cooperate closely with the Police. In case he becomes aware of anything suspicious or any other information that can help the work of the Police, to inform the nearest Police Station or contact the Citizen's Contact Line at number 1460.