Cameras: New Year also brings out-of-court violations in the pilot phase

What violations are recorded by the cameras

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On New Year's Eve and in 2022, the grace period on the Cypriot roads ends. From 00:01 and the first minute in the early hours of Saturday, the cameras of the Traffic Police start to "write" extrajudicial fines.

From October 25, 2021 and after a period of more than two months, drivers must now be very careful since the flashing of the cameras will not have a simple warning but a fine.

The violations that will be recorded by the cameras are:

  • The speed limit
  • Do not use a seat belt
  • Do not use helmets by motorcyclists
  • Mobile phone
  • Non-compliance with the traffic light when the color is red
  • Violation of the waiting line at traffic lights

If a driver commits one of these violations or a combination of them then he will be handed, within 5 to 10 days, an extrajudicial fine and he will be able to see his photo through the website of the traffic camera management company.

"Pilot phase"

The pilot phase for which eight cameras were used, four mobile and four fixed, and the period without out-of-court warnings alone seem to have paid off.

According to the data of the Ministry of Transport, it turns out that the citizens have gradually become accustomed, since the violations have been significantly reduced. Specifically, according to the data, there has been a reduction in violations by 47%

Pilot phase data

In the first weeks, 804 complaints per 24 hours were recorded at fixed camera points.

In the following period they decreased to 703 in 24 hours and reached 423 on average in 24 hours.

Pilot phase data

  • First twenty days: 804 complaints per 24 hours
  • Second twenty days: 703 per 24 hours
  • Third twenty days: 423 in 24 hours

The System in full development will include 90 fixed cameras in 30 locations across Cyprus, as well as 20 mobile cameras.

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