He was nailed in the eye during his vacation in Cyprus: "Sorry mother"

He was nailed in the eye during his vacation in Cyprus: "Sorry mother"

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Michalis Thalassitis was only five years old when he was rushed to the hospital after an eye injury during his vacation in Cyprus. 23 years after the accident he had to have his eye removed.

The 28-year-old, a permanent resident of Britain, was on vacation with his family in Cyprus when he slipped and fell on a proca. If he did not put his hands in front, he could have lost his life, according to a MyLondon article.

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Speaking to the same media, Michalis stressed that "it was painful and I was completely shocked. "All I can remember is going back to my mother, who was standing there, definitely feeling like she was in a horror movie, watching my eye bleed."

After the accident he was transported to the hospital and underwent surgery. He remembers saying to his family, "I kind of ruined the holidays. Sorry mother and father ".

From the age of five, Michalis had to live with his injured eye. He could see but not clearly. Over the years, however, his vision decreased and he began to feel pressure and pain behind his eye. He confesses that he bowled at school because of his "diversity".

Six months ago, his eye condition worsened. He woke up one morning and found that for the first time his eye was bleeding. When he went to the clinic, a doctor explained that he had a hole in his eye and that he had to have surgery to repair it.

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While the operation was considered successful, a few months later his eye began to bleed again. This time the doctors told him they had to remove his eye. After the removal, Michalis will put a prosthetic eye.

He explained to MyLondon that he does not feel that having an eye is behind anything social or physical. "It's hard for some people to understand, but it never threw me off. I had great friends, a good job and I generally love life. "

He vividly remembers when his mother was in the operating room in Cyprus saying "My God, what will happen if she can never find a partner?". Fortunately, as he emphasizes, he was never an obstacle in his relationship.

Michalis created a page on Instagram, in which he posts photos of the process he went through in an effort to help other people who went through similar situations.

Source: Sigmalive