Karousos: The cameras have already brought results - "Our biggest weapon" (VIDEO)

The reason for the installation is not the complaints but to reduce road collisions.

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The photo-marking system clearly seems to be effective and the reason for the installation is not the complaints but to reduce road collisions and it seems that there is a result, said the Minister of Transport, Giannis Karousos, speaking on SIGMA's show "Front Page" .

This is confirmed by the statistics, as he said, as in the first 10 days that the system was put into operation, 800 complaints were recorded on average per day, in the next 10 days there was a decrease, while in the next day, the complaints decreased around 420 per day. This means that drivers comply because they know that violations are being recorded and are careful.

As he noted, "a major violation that is the red light at speed, started with an average of 4,2 complaints per day and today is less than 1 complaint per day." It is the biggest "weapon" we have at our disposal to enhance road safety, he added. The Minister stated that around the end of January the company will receive the approval and will deliver another 16 mobile cameras while it will install another 20 fixed cameras.

Increased interest in electric vehicles 

Citizens seemed to be waiting for the transition to e-mobility and the incentives that would exist, while the Plan and the amount of grants are attractive, said the Minister of Transport, Giannis Karousos, commenting on the increased number of applications for subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles. Speaking on SIGMA's show "Front Page", he noted that the applications exceeded 3.000 in one day and concerned all categories, while until January 3, those interested can submit their applications. As he said, Cyprus enters "with the right" in the issue of electrification.