Optional application of Test to Stay - Teachers will be excluded

Optionally, the Test to Stay measure will be applied in schools and teachers will be excluded, after the reactions caused by the decision

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Optionally, the Test to Stay measure will be applied in schools and teachers will be excluded, following the reactions provoked by the decision.

According to the Ministry of Health, this measure will be an option for students who according to the protocols should be limited and will be given the opportunity to attend school, provided they submit a negative rapid test for a period of five days after the contact day.

According to sources from the Ministry in SigmaLive, it is the parents who will decide whether their children, who will be confirmed contact cases and are negative, will remain in self-restraint at home or if they will observe the measure with frequent tests as it will provide and will continue their education normally.

At the same time, if the measure as implemented in other EU countries as well as in Greece also concerns teachers who will be contact cases, in Cyprus such a thing will not apply, since teachers will be excluded.

The Ministry of Health is in a race and has come out in offers for mobile sampling units that will go to schools to conduct regular inspections.

The procedure, with which the measure will be implemented, will be discussed in the meeting scheduled for Monday (17/01) in the presence of the Ministers of Health and Education, a representative of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, representatives of educational organizations and organized parents.

The reactions continue

At the same time the reactions from the teachers continue.

Speaking on the show Protoselido, the general secretary of OELMEK, Themis Polyviou, said that an effort is being made to keep the schools open, but that does not mean that with this effort we will become experimental animals.

"We believe that the measure will not only not help but no consultation took place. They announced a measure without knowing how to implement it. At first they said they would train teachers for this measure. I would also make us nurses. "When they saw our reaction, they backed down because they did not even know until yesterday how to implement it", said finally Mr. Polyviou.