Complaint: A woman went to snatch a child from his grandmother - She shouted "it's mine" (VIDEO)

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The Police has a shocking complaint before it, which concerns an attempt to kidnap a 3-year-old child by his grandmother in Nicosia.

According to the complaint of the child's mother on the Ant1 show "Mera Mesimeri", her mother-in-law went to pick up the child from school, and as she mentioned, she saw the woman watching the parents who were going to pick up their children.

The woman followed the grandmother and the child to the house, and tried to grab it, claiming that the child was hers.

Then, according to the mother, her mother-in-law called the police, members of which immediately rushed to the spot and arrested the woman, who according to information had been treated in the past in the mental health clinics of the Nicosia Hospital.

See the relevant excerpt with the complaint:

The position of the Police: