Complain of Ecologists: He was caught on the spot throwing garbage and rubble (vid)

Such is the announcement

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The Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Cooperation filed a complaint by a citizen, who was throwing garbage and rubble on Copenhagen Street in the Municipality of Lakatamia, giving the public videos and photos.

 This announcement:

It is with great disappointment that we observe that in the year 2022 some people still treat the Cypriot countryside as a garbage dump.

This time the Nicosia District Committee of the Ecologists 'Movement - Citizens' Cooperation received a complaint for dumping garbage and rubble on Copenhagen Street in the Municipality of Lakatamia. The peculiarity of this case is that the citizens photographed the perpetrator and collected evidence that leads directly to the source of pollution.

The photos that were sent to us (the material is attached by hiding the personal data we hold) and the other material, confirm the truth of the statement. The Nicosia District Committee of the Ecologists' Movement immediately informed the Mayor of Lakatamia about this incident, who is taking the appropriate actions to identify those responsible and impose legal penalties for this illegal and anti-environmental act.

It is very sad that another area in Cyprus - inside the capital - is "drowning" in garbage in the stench and dirt. Even more sad, however, is that it seems that there is no system for early detection and response to such incidents. Even when the perpetrator is located, the procedures for punishment and imposition of penalties are time consuming, involve without protecting the informant and unfortunately prove to be ineffective.

We continue to support and strive to promote recycling, good waste management and the cultivation of environmental awareness among citizens.