Complaint: She was evicted from Makareio for €30 - She lost the twins she was carrying

She was evicted from Makareio for €30 and lost twins

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Tragic is the story brought to light by the newspaper "Politis" and it concerns an African recognized refugee, who claims that she lost the twins she was carrying due to paperwork.

In particular, the pregnant woman, a recognized refugee from Africa, was allegedly kicked out of the Makarios Hospital, at the time she had to be hospitalized, as she was not registered at GESY and did not have to pay the 30 euro fee for the examinations she had to undergo submitted.
The Dean of the Anglican Cathedral of St. Paul in Nicosia spoke to the SIGMA camera, who knows the events first hand as the patient is a member of his church.

"A woman from Africa, she went to the hospital but she didn't have the papers, then the person in charge followed the instructions, they didn't help her and then the woman lost the twins she was carrying," he said.

The woman, while in her tenth week of pregnancy, visited Makarios Hospital due to abdominal pain.

There she presented her hospital card, however it was not accepted because she is a recognized refugee and should have access to the GESY. So they told her that she should visit the First Aid Department, as she didn't even have the money to pay.

Next, he visited the First Aid, to be informed that they do not provide assistance to pregnant women.

She then visited the Makareio Hospital again, asking for a certificate that she is not registered with GESY or alternatively she can pay 30 euros, an amount she did not have.

Finally the woman received the certificate and was examined by a doctor. But now it was too late. The doctor who examined her found the death of the twins she was carrying.

“I am very sad because of this bureaucracy. Because of the bureaucracy, if she had the specific paper, they would help her," said the Dean.
According to OKYPY, every asylum seeker is entitled to free medical care and every recognized refugee is a beneficiary of GESY.

Knowledge of the incident has been received by the Minister of Health.

"I have instructed the Director General of the Ministry of Health to investigate the incident. I also assured the woman not to worry and to let me know when she will visit the hospital again so that I myself can accompany her," said the Minister.

At the same time, Michalis Hatzipantela emphasized that he will conduct an administrative investigation in order to punish whoever is responsible.