Complaints from citizens and businesses about the measures - Data by Province

A property was also reported in the Province of Famagusta - See details

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Police have reported 232 citizens and 11 property owners in the last 24 hours for violating the measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As a representative of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters stated in KYPE, from 6.00 in the morning of April 4st until 6.00 in the morning today 15.512 checks were carried out all over Cyprus.

In Nicosia, 3.277 checks were carried out and 58 citizens and one owner of a property were reported, while in Limassol, the Police carried out 5.353 checks and reported 104 citizens.

In Larnaca, 1.485 inspections were carried out, with 24 complaints from citizens and three complaints from property owners.

In Paphos, the Police carried out 1.300 checks and reported 17 citizens and 4 owners of premises, in Famagusta 1.401 checks were made and 12 citizens and one premises were reported and in Morphou the Police carried out 1.626 checks and reported 5 citizens and two premises.

The Traffic Police carried out 951 checks and reported 12 citizens, while the Port and Maritime Police carried out 119 checks without reporting any