Police Fake Vaccination Certificates - Antibody Test on Doctor's Patients

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Police are investigating two cases involving a doctor in Larnaca who allegedly issued fake vaccination certificates to his patients without receiving the vaccine.

As the Press Spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, stated in KYPE, "samples for antibody tests have been taken from 26 patients of the doctor and the results are expected from the Institute of Genetics and Neurology, to determine whether they have actually received the vaccine. At the same time, the competent services of the Ministry of Health are expected to provide information on the patients of this particular doctor, who have been declared to have been vaccinated but have not been ".

He added that the investigators of the case have in their hands "testimonies about the two people - patients of the specific doctor who died from the coronavirus. At the same time, the Police continues the examinations and the taking of testimonies from persons who are expected to testify about the case ".

Also "some information is evaluated and testimonies are taken from persons who may have come in contact with the two patients who lost their lives, in order to complete the police examinations and to determine which offenses may arise and from which persons".

The 53-year-old doctor was arrested on August 6 and after being remanded in custody twice, he was released until the completion of the Police examinations. He is being investigated by the Police regarding a conspiracy to commit a crime, forgery of an official document, circulation of a forged document, ensuring registration with false representations, negligent acts that cause bodily harm and for violations of the General Health System. corruption.