They were looking for the 41-year-old Irakleous again - so he escaped

The Police are looking for him

bb hraklis ESCAPE, Police

Police are looking for Iraklis Irakleous, 41 years old, to facilitate the investigations, regarding an investigated case of escape from legal detention and causing malicious damage, crimes committed on 5/12/2021 in the province of Nicosia.

The 41-year-old escaped from the Athalassa Hospital where he was being held for treatment. In fact, according to the Police, Irakleous managed to escape, causing damage to the hospital building and, in particular, to railings that are placed on a window.

b imagew 8 ESCAPE, Police

It is noted that the man in question from Larnaca, was wanted about a month ago by the Authorities, in connection with investigated cases of forgery, circulation of forged documents and securing money through false representations, offenses committed on October 9, 2021 in Xylotympou. Police had released a photo and his details. The 41-year-old was arrested for the above offenses on November 8.

The wanted person is described as 1.85m tall. about, strong physique, with a light beard and scars on the face. During his escape, he was wearing jeans and a gray cardigan.

Anyone who knows anything that can help locate him, please contact the Famagusta Police Department at 22802222 or the Citizen Contact Line 1460 or the nearest Police Station.