Occupied: Two were arrested after a protest in "ep. public service"

Two trade unionists, the presidents of the "civil servants" unions KTAMS and Kamu-Sen were arrested today in the occupied

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Two trade unionists, the presidents of the KTAMS and Kamu-Sen unions of "civil servants" were arrested today in the occupied territories because, in a spontaneous protest, they entered the room of the "civil service commission" today during interviews of prisoners for the central prisons located in development.

Guven Bengiham and Metin Atan entered the room uninvited as a protest against the process, in which trade unions are normally invited as observers, but in this case they were not.

The two trade unionists were arrested and taken to the "police directorate" of Nicosia, following a complaint by the "president" of the "public service committee".

The two trade unionists in their joint statement accused the "president" of "EDY" of trying to lead the examination process "away from transparency and justice" by suddenly abolishing hiring criteria that had been in place for 15 years.

Speaking outside Nicosia "police headquarters" after taking their statement, Bengiham and Atan said they had done nothing to be ashamed of. With the two trade unionists outside the Nicosia "police directorate" was also the head of the local teachers' union, Bjorak Mavis, denouncing and condemning the anti-democratic practices applied against trade unionists.

The "chairman" of "EDY", Omer Kioseoglu, stated earlier that the "committee" is his and no one has the right to interrupt or obstruct the interview procedures, nor to break into the meeting room. "What is here, a mountaintop and whoever wants to come?", he asked himself.

In a statement, the president of the KTAMS guild, Guven Begiham, said that Mr. Kioseoglu will either become objective "or he will not sit in that chair again."

Source: KYPE